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Sait 6" x 1/4" x 7/8" Type 27 A24N Depressed Center Grinding Wheel (25PK)

Item Number: UA20078
Normally Costs: $427.95
Our Price: $142.63

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Sait 20078 6" x 1/4" x 7/8" Type 27 A24N Depressed Center Grinding Wheel 25pk

A24N - Fast Grinding. Aluminum oxide grain. Soft bond for fast stock removal. Ferrous Metals: iron, steel, welds, etc. Low grade stainless steel. Specifications: Max RPM - 10200. Tech Info: Virgin aluminum oxide grain assures consistent high stock removal for tough applications. All sizes are made with uniform grain throughout, no filler grain used in the backing. All wheels internally reinforced with the highest quality fiberglass for maximum safety. Super-Lock Hub on all 5/8-11 threaded wheels is the safest, vibration-free design.

Manufacturer: United Abrasives Sait [Warranty Information]

Shipping Weight: 15.00 pounds [Estimate Shipping Cost]

Manufacturer Review

United Abrasives is a world leader in manufacturing a broad range of grinding wheels, cutting wheels, coated abrasives, carbide burs, wire brushes, specialty products and much more!

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