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Acme Flexeel 1/2" x 100' Air Hose (1/2" Reusable Fittings)

Item Number: ACMA750HH100
Normally Costs: $523.95
Our Price: $174.51


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Acme Automotive A750HH100 Flexeel 1/2" x 100' Air Hose (1/2" Reusable Fittings). FLEXEEL Reinforced Polyurethane Straight Hose. FLEXEEL Polyurethane Reinforced Hose offers an excellent alternative to bulkier rubber hoses. Extremely lightweight and tough. FLEXEEL is ideal for either outdoor road service use or indoor body shop use. FLEXEEL retains its flexibility even in cold environments. The reinforced construction eliminates the possibility of having the various layers separate due to constant expansion and contraction during pulsating operations. FEATURES: Retains Flexibility in subzero temperature; UV stabilized for longer outdoor service life; Easy to wrap & store; Resistant to lubricating oils, greases & abrasion.

Manufacturer: Acme Automotive [Warranty Information]

Shipping Weight: 0.00 pounds [Estimate Shipping Cost]

Manufacturer Review

Acme Automotive is a leading American manufacturer of tire gauges, tire repair products, and wheel hardware; we also produce a wide range of compressor accessories, such as pneumatic hose and tubing, couplers and connectors, filter-regulator-lubricators (FRLs), and blowguns. been producing products for the automotive aftermarket since 1915, and our success is based on our relentless commitment to exceeding our customer.s expectations with outstanding customer service and the highest-quality products.

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